Wednesday, July 21, 2004

steven spielberg is producing a big-screen adaptation of "memoirs of a geisha" by arthur golden. great! but zhang zi-yi is playing "nitta sayuri"...why?? there are equally good japanese actresses too!!!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

gackt overload!

  Which Gackt are you most like?
You are the warm, sensitive and seasonal Gackt.
Touching, sincere and very poignant, Gackt wrote this song about being with the ones you love during the winter season. With a sweeping chorus and a beautifully delicate melody, it instantly became a new fan-favorite upon its release.The story behind this song's music video is even more touching than the song itself. Gackt dedicated the song and music video to New York City and even went to New York in November of 2001 to film the very touching video, despite protests from his staff. In an amazing act of humility and kindness, Gackt hardly appears at all in his video and instead focuses on his talented violinist You and on the peaceful wishes of NYC residents.
quiz by mcvarmazi


Which Gackt are you most like?
You are the Gackt that bombastically announced your entrance
into solo artist status. Classic, elegant, irresistable and royal...
"Mizerable" is all that.
The music video is gorgeous, even though its really the song that makes this album such a fan-favorite.
A beautiful violion melody countered with drum licks that really gives this song a creative edge,
add into this some absolutely fantastic lyrics and the powerful voice of Gackt, and you have one of his best songs, ever.

quiz by mcvarmazi

I am one of Gackt's eternal Dears!
What kind of Gackt fan are you?
You are a step above the normal Dears—to put it bluntly, you're nuts about Gackt and probably always will be. You own all of his official stuff, have almost all of his photobooks and magazines, you probably have been to at least one of his concerts (or have at least seen him in person). You're broke because of Gackt but you don't care... you would give Gackt your left arm if he asked.

quiz by mcvarmazi

I am Gackt's wild brown look!
Which Gackt hairstyle are you most like?

Well, this was unexpected! Usually when Gackt's brown, he's rather normal, but it seems you got tired of the same ol' and decided to break free of your mold. Good for you! Let your wild side through~!
yet another crazy Gackt quiz
by mcvarmazi

I am the Shingo Mama incidents!
Which Gackt TV appearance are you?
Who doesn't want to kiss Gackt? Not this SMAP member, dressed as a scary housewife, Shingo Mama, who likes to eat mayonnaise!
By far a fan favorite, this really creative and hilarious Domoto Kyoudai clip has made Shingo Mama the envy of every girl with a crush on Gackt on the planet.
Shingo Mama even got to give Gackt a good old fangirly glomp! We're writhing, Shingo Mama!
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Thursday, July 15, 2004

i was over at racs' office to have something faxed and i almost bumped into he-who-must-not-be-named-anymore. it was more than a couple of times! ha, things haven't changed...his sense of style is much, much worse than my sense of direction, hehe.

i was telling friends, maybe something good came out of that break-up. he's starting to reach out and make friends! our common friends are actually my friends and now that we're over, well, i guess the friendships stopped too. hu-wow, as jax would always say! "making friends" is something that you won't really expect from my ex. well, that was the sad story. i hope now he's making friends for the right reasons!

as for me, i'm very happy with my life right now, thank you very much. work is busy, school is so demanding, yet i can find time to pursue the things i really love and enjoy, like going out with friends.

as a matter of fact, last night, i went out with cel, ate bel and grace to have dinner with someone they call "diet" aka "furuchin". he's that guy that ate bel badly wanted me to meet. it's weird how my friends and teachers have teamed up to find someone for me. ah, the perils of being unattached!! well, i admit i almost had to be dragged bodily into the resto...i almost backed out at the last minute. but luckily, i had a nice time. ^_^ he does look a lot like diether ocampo (and he's mighty proud of that!), except that his front teeth are protruding a little bit. you have to hand it to him; he really knows how to make people laugh. he even did a very convincing impersonation of gackt! normally, i would get offended at such antics; that's how protective i am of gackt. but when furuchin, in his gackt mode, asked me if i wanted spaghetti, i just laughed my head off! really, he's an interesting guy. ^_^ tomorrow, we're having dinner with him again. it's going to be fun! ^_^

nyar...i still haven't posted anything on the pansol trips...not even photos. oh well, i'm busy, busy, busy!

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Friday, July 09, 2004

i had lunch with racs, rein and ingrid today and on my way back to the office, i was almost hit by a taxi. i heard screams from ladies behind me. no worries, i don't even have a single scratch. and i wasn't even scared. i was just disappointed that i didn't give the taxi driver the finger. i swear, filipino drivers are some of the most unprofessional drivers in the whole world! sometimes i wonder where they learned how to drive. most of them are really stupid and rude.

oh well, i am alive...and going back to pansol tomorrow!! woohoo!! can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! the food, the booze, the pool...*sigh* and i don't even have to wait 24 hours!!

hey wait...this is my second trip to pansol and i haven't even posted anything on the first one!! and that was a month ago! i'm waaay behind on my blogging...

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