Friday, June 24, 2005

ponte fino is fine, fine, fine but something's missing..someone is missing: SCHATZ!

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Monday, June 20, 2005

everybody's talking about yesterday's the buzz. anu yon, nag-enjoy kayo
sa pagpapa-cute ni kris aquino. don't ruin my lunch, please...wake up,
people! hostage na naman kayo ni kris. as for me, i stopped patronizing
bench eversince kris became one of their models. i have been a maldita
lover since. BUT my love for san miguel beer far outweighs my disgust
for this aquino. so there. tama na yan, inuman na lang tayo!!

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

boo... girls who comb their hair in public and who powder in public. same goes to people who pick their noses or clip their nails in a public place - utang na loob, may lugar para sa mga iyan. may katabi akong ganyan kanina sa booger bus. saraaaaap gupitan ng buhok... kuh(ol) for trying to radically change the group (for the worse) and to alma for being such a suck-up (wala kang friends, BELAT!!!!) - you will not ruin my pontefino weekend. you will not ruin my pontefino weekend. you will not ruin my pontefino weekend. m for not kissing jollibee even when he was down on one knee, begging for a kiss - minsan ka lang magkaroon ng admirer na sikat, sige ka, hehe. animax for their sucky japanese-to-english translation and dubbing of anime - probably the same people who did "cori, i love youuuuuuuu!". no sirs, the real kenshin never says "i love you" to anyone. rob mariano for being a sore loser - move on, man! get a real job; being a media whore has its limits too. paris hilton for calling fans and business partners "such losers" - c'mon, girl, these people religiously watch you say "that's hot" on tv every week...they don't seem to get tired of it. bon for digging up my past and tattling to seannie boy about it - tama na, lolo, i've moved on na e...huli ka naman masyado sa balita. want the whole story? why don't you get it from sean?? lahat ng mga nanay at tatay na nagdadala ng kanilang sanggol/paslit sa mall tuwing may sale - maawa po kayo sa mga bata.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

looking at my japan 2003 pics.. natsukashii naa..

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finally! the much-delayed newsletter was released today!! yay! nice to see my first official article in print. i'm really excited; maybe the newsletter will help me get over my (over a decade old)writer's block. or not. but i don't care. as a newsletter staff member, i don't have to write like jk rowling or paulo coelho; i just need to be like ice, toilet humor and all, hehe. propriety is reserved for the news writers. anyway, i'm thinking of making the kitchen/recipes stuff a regular column; i just have to get people to contribute their weirdest culinary masterpieces. also something like "sadako-sensei's japanese corner: a view from the tokyo tower".

anyway, people were mostly talking about the article on engagements. we got some people to share how they proposed (or, how their significant other popped the question, in arol's case). it was fun reading the entire thing. who would've thought hansel has a romantic bone in his body!! kaya pala mega-diet ang lolo; malapit na ikasal. ^_^ but the most kilig-inducing one was arol's. e pano, dalawang beses pa nag-propose si kt. may "moon river" at eternity ring pang nalalaman. does this mean they have to get married twice too?? isa dito, isa sa australia! hehe.

in keeping with the wedding atmosphere in the month of june, i'm sharing an interesting article i found at

Japanese wedding food
Tai (sea bream)
Since "mede-tai" means happiness in Japanese, tai is eaten for celebration in Japan. Tai no Sashimi (raw sea bream) or Tai no Shioyaki (grilled sea bream with salt) are common menu at weddings.

Kombu (kelp)
Since "Yoro-kobu" means joy in Japanese, kombu is included in celebration menu. Kombu Soup or simmered kombu roll are common dish to be served at weddings.

Kazunoko (herring roe)
Kazunoko indicates fertility in Japan, so salted kazukono is often served at weddings.

Sekihan (red azuki beans rice)
Since red is the color for celebration, sekihan is eaten at weddings.

Japanese wedding cakes used to be large and tall. But the size of Japanese wedding cakes
tends to be smaller in recent years. It is said that the number of dishes served at a wedding should be odd numbers to avoid the couple to be divided.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

ayos din naman itong si arol...ang aga humingi ng wedding present. ako daw tugtog ng "canon in d" sa wedding nila ni albert. wow naman, e wala pa nga akong violin no? and besides, it's not like the wedding is scheduled to happen any time this year. or next year. basta late 2006 or early 2007 daw. pero ok lang, she's a good friend of mine so i would really love to do it. kung gusto nila, may bonus pang "moon river" (which, incidentally, has been my lss for several days now. that, and the ending theme of spongebob, hehe). chaka ung theme from beauty and the beast,
ung "the first time something something". i'm just a sucker for romantic ek-ek. i hope by that time, marunong and magaling na ako. tapos pala, part kasi ako ng package deal. can't play without the other. marunong na kami pareho by the time arol and albert walk down the aisle. ^_~

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

think about it, cat. ngayon lang pinabasa ni God sa iyo ung "the alchemist" kasi ngayon lang un naging relevant ung message ng story sa iyo. remember, fatima has to let santiago go and pursue his dream. in the end, he came back to her after he found his treasure. it's supposed to give you strength, especially during this time. it is meant to prepare you for what's going to happen and the earlier you deal with it, the better for both of you. gets?

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

quote from "the alchemist": "wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure." i have found mine & i'm feeling very rich indeed.

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ako po ay buong pusong nakikiusap: stop with the kris-james talk
already!!! please naman, let's stop all the mindless talk about this
mindless woman. nakakasuka na po talaga. hindi na nakakatuwa.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

happy 4th, schatz. i love u.

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i knew it...i'd draw a lot of flak for that brad pitt post. but i'm not
going to take back what i said, hehe. besides, is it abnormal for a girl
to think that her boyfriend is the only good-looking person in the
world?? ^_~ wala na kokontra...or else, you owe me a 3m pizza. walang
pwedeng kumontra, especially on the occasion of our 4th month
anniversary. oki??

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